Scud Mountain Boys: Discography of the Moment

The Scud Mountain Boys are a band that formed in 1991 in Northampton, Massachusetts. Originally known as Scuds and formed as an electric rock band, they gradually transformed into an alt-country band. They disbanded in 1997 but have since reunited and a new release Do You Love the Song is due to be released July 9 on Ashmont Records.

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dancethenightawayDance the Night Away
Released in 1995 by Chunk Records.
Produced by Peter Keppler.
Band lineup:
Joe Pernice – guitar, vocals; Bruce Tull – guitar, steel guitar, vocals; Keith Levreault – drums; Tom Shea – drums, mandolin; Stephen Desaulniers – bass, vocals.
Tracks: 15
Freight of Fire. One Hand. Peter Graves’ Anatomy. Letter to Bread. Television. Picture. Where’s the Playground Susie. Combine. Silo. Reservoir. Sangre De Cristo. Sweet Sally. Closin Time. Kneeling. Helen.

pineboxPine Box
Released in 1995 by Chunk.
Produced by Scud Mountain Boys.
Lineup changes:
Only Joe Pernice, Bruce Tull, and Stephen Desauliners performed on this album.
Tracks: 10
Silo. Reservoir. Glacier Bay. Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves. Don’t Know How To Tell Her. Oklahoma. Peter Graves’ Anatomy. Please Mr Please. Wichita Lineman. Down in Writing.

Released in 1996 by Sub Pop Records.
Produced by Mike Deming, Scud Mountain Boys, and Thom Monahan.
Band lineup:
Joe Pernice – guitar, vocals; Bruce Tull – guitar, lap steel guitar; Tom Shea – drums, mandolin; Stephen Desauliners – bass, vocals.
Tracks: 14
In a Ditch. Scratch Ticket. Penthouse in the Woods. Grudge. Big Hole. Van Drunk. Lift Me Up. Liquor Store. A Ride. Holy Ghost. Cigarette Sandwich. Massachusetts. Glass Jaw. Knievel.

earlyyearsThe Early Years
Compilation album released in April 1997 by Sub Pop.
Tracks: 27
Comprises the Dance the Night Away and the Pine Box albums.

essentialThe Essential Scud Mountain Boys
Compilation album released in 2001 (in Spain) by Discmedi.
Tracks: 19

doyoulovethesunDo You Love the Sun
Scheduled for released on July 9, 2013 by Ashmont Records.
Don’t know who produced it.
Band lineup:
Joe Pernice – guitar, vocals; Stephen Desauliners – bass, vocals; Bruce Tull – guitar, lap steel guitar.
Tracks: 10
Track listing unknown.

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