Father’s Day Shuffle (6.16.13)

  1. Give Me the Cure – Fugazi (from the Fugazi EP)
  2. Unsatisfied – The Replacements (from the album Let It Be)
  3. Faithless – Social Distortion (from the album Sex, Love and Rock n Roll)
  4. Cedars of Lebanon – U2 (from the album No Line on the Horizon)
  5. In Harms Way – Face to Face (from the album Ignorance is Bliss)
  6. Big City Nights – The Scorpions (from the album Love at First Sting)
  7. Bike Thief – Red City Radio (from the album Midwestern Hymnals)
  8. A Matter of Time – Foo Fighters (from the album Wasting Light)
  9. Where’s my Sex? – Weezer (from the album Hurley)
  10. Fire Woman – The Cult (from the album Sonic Temple)
  11. I’ll Be Back – The Beatles (from the album Beatles ’65)
  12. Planet of Sound – Face to Face (from the covers album Standards and Practices)
  13. Which Side Are You On? – Dropkick Murphys (from the album Sing Loud Sing Proud)

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