Tuesday Night Shuffle (6.11.13)

  1. Just Like Them – ALL (from the compilation album ALL)
  2. Rainbow in the Dark – Dio (from the album Holy Diver)
  3. Punk Rock Girl – Dead Milkmen (from the album Beelzebubba)
  4. Commie Dope Fiend – Pulpit Red (from the album Angels & Winos)
  5. Sorry About That – Alkaline Trio (from the album Goddamnit)
  6. Come Find Me – Off With Their Heads (from the album Home)
  7. I Don’t Want To Let You Go – Weezer (from the album Raditude)
  8. Too Much Whiskey, Not Enough Blankets – Red City Radio (from the album The Dangers of Standing Still)
  9. Alone Again – Dokken (from the album Tooth and Nail)
  10. Tessie (Old Timey Baseball Organ Version) – Dropkick Murphys (from the Tessie EP)
  11. No Class – Motorhead (from the compilation album No Remorse)
  12. College – Smoking Popes (from the album This Is Only a Test)
  13. Cold Feelings – Social Distortion (from the album Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell)

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