Top 13 Danzig Songs


Today’s “13” list is a list of my top 13 favorite song by the band Danzig.

I have them listed below in alphabetical order.

  1. Am I Demon? from the album Danzig (1988)
  2. Going Down to Die from the album 4 (1994)
  3. How the Gods Kill from the album How the Gods Kill (1992)
  4. Long Way Back from Hell from the album Lucifuge (1990)
  5. Mother from the album Danzig (1988)
  6. Not of This World from the album Danzig (1988)
  7. Sacrifice from the album Blackaciddevil (1996)
  8. She Rides from the album Danzig (1988)
  9. Sistinas from the album How the Gods Kill (1992)
  10. Snakes of Christ from the album Lucifuge (1990)
  11. Tired of Being Alive from the album Lucifuge (1990)
  12. Twist of Cain from the album Danzig (1988)
  13. Until You Call on the Dark from the album 4 (1994)

One thought on “Top 13 Danzig Songs

  1. You forgot:
    Anything – How the Gods Kill
    Left Hand Black – How the Gods Kill
    Her Black Wings – Lucifuge

    Other than that… Perfect šŸ˜›

    I still think She Rides is the best music video ever made… Period.

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