MDC: Discography of the Moment

MDC is a punk rock band that formed in 1981 in Austin, Texas. They are currently based out of Portland, Oregon.

This band will be playing in Oklahoma City on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at the Conservatory.

Web Links:

Official MDC website
MDC Wikipedia article
MDC MySpace site
MDC site

MDC Discography:

millionsofdeadcops Millions of Dead Cops
Released in 1982 by R Radical Records.
Produced by MDC.
Band lineup:
David Dictor – vocals; Ron Posner – guitar; Al Schvitz – drums; Michael Donaldson – bass
Tracks: 14
Business on Parade. Dead Cops. Born to Die. Corporate Deathburger. Violent Rednecks. I Remember. John Wayne Was a Nazi. Dick for Brains. I Hate Work. Kill the Light. My Family is a Little Weird. Greedy & Pathetic. Church & State. American Achievements.

multideathcorporationsMulti-Death Corporations
Released in 1983 by R Radical Records.
Produced by Jerry Williams.
Lineup changes:
Franco Mares replaced Michael Donaldson on bass.
Tracks: 4
Multi-Death Corporation. Selfish Shit. Radioactive Chocolate. No Place to Piss.

deadchildrenMillions of Dead Children
Released in 1984 by R Radical Records.
Produced by MDC.
No lineup changes.
Tracks: 3
Chicken Squawk. Death of a Nun. Kleptomaniac.

smokesignals Smoke Signals
Released in 1986 by R Radical Records.
Produced by Garry Creiman.
No lineup changes.
Tracks: 13
No More Cops. King of Thrash. Drink to Forget. The Big Picture. Skateboards from Hell. Tofutti. South Africa is Free. Acceptable Risks. Missile Destroyed Civilization. Soup Kitchen Celebrity. Country Squawk. Paradise Lost. Smoke Signals.

thislboodsforyouMillions of Damn Christians: This Blood’s For You
Released in in 1987 by R Radical Records.
Produced by MDC.
Lineup changes:
Gordon Fraser replaced Ron Posner on guitar.
Tracks: 14
Millions of Damn Christians. This Blood’s For You. Who’s the Terrorist Now. Bye Bye Ronnie. Chock Full of Shit. Mao Tse Tung. Henry Kissmyassinger. Guns for Nicaragua. Politician. Skinhead. Sexy and Christian. Your Death Wish is Sick. Massacred and Dismembered Culture. Police Related Death.

moredeadcops More Dead Cops
Compilation album released by 1988 by R Radical Records.
Tracks: 13
John Wayne Was a Nazi. Born to Die. Multi-Death Corporation. Selfish Shit. Radioative Chocolate. No Place to Piss. Kleptomaniac. Chicken Sqwuawk. Pecking Order. Pay to Come Along. Revolution in Rock. Spanish Castle Magic. Born Under a Bad Sign.

elvisrhinelandElvis in the Rhineland: Live in Berlin
Live album released in 1989 by Radical Records.
Produced by Dave Pollack.
Tracks: 25
Dead Cops. Greedy And Pathetic. The Big Picture. I Remember. Church And State. Kill The Light. Chicken Squawk. Multi Death Corporation. Selfish Shit. Corporate Death Burgers. My Family Is A Little Weird. No More Cops. Chock Full Of Shit. Henry Kissmyassinger. Mao Tse Tung. Pay To Come Along. Dick For Brains. Violent Rednecks. Fogtown. Kleptomaniac. American Achievements. John Wayne Was A Nazi. Dead Cops Rock. Born To Die. Secret To A Long Life.

metaldevilcokesMetal Devil Cokes: It’s the Real Thing
Released in 1989 by Boner Records.
Produced by MDC.
Lineup changes:
Eric Calhoun replaced Gordon Fraser on guitar.
Tracks: 16
Huddled Masses. Dirty Harry for President. White Men in Suits. Three Blind MIce. Tofu Spaghetti. Snuffed Out. Deep in the Heart. Acid Reindeer. I Was a Dupe for the RCP. Metal Devil Crossoverture. Hole in My Soul. I’m a Knucklehead. Ain’t it Funny. Mongoloid. Love Potion No 9. Something for Everyone.

liveinzagreb Live in Zagreb & Maribor
Live album released in 1990 by New Prejudice Records.
Tracks: 46

heycopMillions of Dead Cops II: Hey Cop, If I Had a Face Like Yours
Released in 1991 by Radical Records.
Produced by MDC.
Lineup changes:
Bill Collins replaced Eric Calhoun on guitar; Matt Freeman replaced Franco Mares on bass.
Tracks: 15
Millions of Dead Cops. Mark of the Farmer. US War #54. Gig and Die in LA. Beat Somebody Up. Nowhere to Go. I Do Not Wish. If I Had a Face. It’s Later Than You Think. Lambada Me. The Jew That Got Away. Moneypile. Cockrocker. The Crime of Rape. Black Christmas.

Shades of Brown
Released in 1993 by New Red Archives.
Produced by MDC.
Lineup changes:
Chris Wilder replaced Bill Collins on guitar; Erica Liss replaced Matt Freeman on bass.
Tracks: 15
Shades of Brown. Winter of 92. Someones Behind You Again. This Land. Thanks For Giving Me What I Didn’t Want. Greenwash. Slow Stupid and Huntry. Hail Satan. Borrowed time. Squat Dogs. Welfare Line. Spare Change. Real Food Real People Real Bullets. Long Time Gone. Last Train to Castro.

nowmorethaneverNow More Than Ever
Compilation album released in 2002.
Tracks: 30

liveatlinktfabriekLive at Lintfabriek
Live album self-released in 2003.

magnusMagnus Dominus Corpus
Released in 2004 by Sudden Dead Records.
Produced by MDC and Don Fury.
Lineup changes:
Kentaro Saito & Ron Posner replaced Chris Wilder on guitar; Michael Donaldson replaced Erica Liss on bass; Mike Pride replaced Al Schvitz on drums.
Tracks: 18
Destroying the Planet. Going Nowhere Faster Than You. Founding Fathers. Poseur Punk. Lets Kill All the Cops. Life But How to Live It. Prime Evil. Time Out. Girls Like You Make Me Queer. Sleep a Little Less, Dream a Little More. Walking on Thin Ice. No More Cops. Long Day Short Life. Timmy Yo. Nazis Shouldn’t Drive. Sick of It. Prick Faced Bastard. Ballad of G.W.


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