Tuesday Evening Shuffle (5.28.13)

  1. I’d Rather Die – Good For You (from the album Life is Too Short to Not Hold a Grudge)
  2. The Refugee – U2 (from the album War)
  3. The Band Played On – Stavesacre (from the album Against the Silence)
  4. Focus On Your Own Family – Off With Their Heads (from the album Home)
  5. I Turned Into a Martian – Misfits (from the album Walk Among Us)
  6. The Pilgrim: Chapter 33 – Street Dogs (from the album Savin Hill)
  7. The Desperation’s Gone – NOFX (from the album So Long and Thanks For All the Shoes)
  8. Breakin’ Up – ALL (from the album Pummel)
  9. Little Box of Evil – Pulpit Red (from the album Backbreaker)
  10. Wish We Were – Smoking Popes (from the album This Is Only a Test)
  11. Gotta Be On My Way – John Moreland & The Black Gold Band (from the album Endless Oklahoma Sky)
  12. Everything – The Juliana Theory (from the album Love)
  13. Wessex Boy – Frank Turner (from the album England Keep My Bones)

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