Once Upon a Time in America (5.10.13)

2conOn this day in American history in 1775, the Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Peyton Randolph, the speaker of the Virginia House of Burgesses, was elected President of the Continental Congress.

The main result of this Congress was the creation of the Continental Army with George Washington as its commanding general. Up to this point, the colonial army had been composed of uncoordinated militia units.

Also noteworthy about this exact same day is that it was the day that Fort Ticonderoga was captured by Colonel Benedict Arnold of the Connecticut militia. This of course, was before he betrayed us and defected to the British Army.

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One thought on “Once Upon a Time in America (5.10.13)

  1. George Washington had served as a British officer in his youth, and was therefore considered a traitor by British authorities. Had he been captured before the successful conclusion of the war, he would most certainly have been hanged. Heroic patriot or treasonous rebel? It all depends on whether you end up on the winning side. Benedict Arnold chose poorly.

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