Tuesday Night Shuffle (5.7.13)

  1. Only – Anthrax (from the album Sound of White Noise)
  2. Time Is Not the Reason – Black Pacific (from the album Black Pacific)
  3. In So Many Ways – Bad Religion (from the album No Substance)
  4. Wendy – Beach Boys (from the album All Summer Long)
  5. I Don’t Mind and You Don’t Matter – Face to Face (from the album Laugh Now, Laugh Later)
  6. Long Distance – All (from the album Pummel)
  7. Choked and Separated – Hot Water Music (from the album A Flight And a Crash)
  8. Everything Turns Gray – Agent Orange (from the album Living in Darkness)
  9. Oh, George – Foo Fighters (from the album Foo Fighters)
  10. I Get Lose – The Bouncing Souls (from the album Anchors Aweigh)
  11. Camaro – Kings of Leon (from the album Because of the Times)
  12. All His Suits Are Torn – NOFX (from the album So Long & Thanks for All the Shoes)
  13. Ransomed – Fall City Shakedown (from the album Birds + Leaves)

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