Ovarian Cancer Has Its “Day”

images (1)Tomorrow, May 8, marks the first time that Ovarian Cancer gets its own day.

With most of the media attention focused on other types of cancer, such as, most notably, breast cancer, ovarian cancer has been widely overlooked.

Whether or not this World Ovarian Cancer Day gets any real media attention, I think it is about time that this dreadful disease gets its own day of focus.

This idea of ovarian cancer having its day, that is the goal of World Ovarian Cancer Day, is to first and foremost spread awareness about the disease.

This particular cancer hits a nerve with me personally. For those that don’t know me too well, my first wife Jesica passed away from ovarian cancer at the age of 33 after having fought the disease for 4 years.

You can learn more about World Ovarian Cancer Day at the following websites:

World Ovarian Cancer Day Official Website
World Ovarian Cancer Day @ Causes.Org
World Ovarian Cancer Day on Facebook
World Ovarian Cancer Day on Twitter
World Ovarian Cancer Day on Pinterest


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