Top 13 Drummers

I thought I’d follow up the top 13 bass player list with a top 13 favorite drummers list. Actually, it was Dave’s idea so you can blame him. LoL!

Here they are in alphabetical order with the band or bands they were in.

  1. Chuck Biscuits – Black Flag, Danzig, Social Distortion
  2. Steward Copeland – The Police
  3. Al Garrison – Mercy’s Wake, Veil of Suffering
  4. Dave Grohl – Nirvana
  5. John Hernandez – They Stay Dead
  6. Dave Lombardo – Slayer
  7. Keith Moon – The Who
  8. Neil Peart – Rush
  9. Tommy Ramone – Ramones
  10. John Stanier – Helmet
  11. Ringo Starr – The Beatles
  12. Bill Stevenson – Descendents, All, Lemonheads
  13. Bill Ward – Black Sabbath

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