Top 13 Comic Book Artists

Last week I did my Top 13 Comic Book Writers list.  I felt that a fitting sequel for my comic book related “13” posts was to do one of my Top 13 Comic Book Artists.  This one was a rough one to compile but here it is, listed in order of preference. Listed below their names is a list of some of the comic book titles they have drawn for.

1.  Jim Lee

All-Star Batman & Robin, Justice League, Superman, X-Men, Punisher War Journal

2.  Stephen Platt

Moon Knight, Prophet, Cable, Soul Saga, Youngblood

3.  Steve Dillon

Preacher, Punisher, Hellblazer

4.  Alex Ross 

Kingdom Come, Marvels, JLA Secret Origins, Shazam Power of Hope

5.  Andy Kubert

Flashpoint, Age of Apocalypse, X-Men, Hulk, Ultimate X-Men, Wolverine Origin

6.  Todd McFarlane

Amazing Spider-Man, Spawn, Detective Comics, G.I. Joe

7.  George Perez

Batman, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Infinte Crisis, Action Comics, Avengers, Infinity Gauntlet

8.  Rob Liefeld

X-Force, New Mutants, Prophet, Heroes Reborn

9.  Graham Nolan

Detective Comics, Batman

10.  Paul Gulacy

Star Wars Crimson Empire, Jonah Hex, Batman

11.  Dave McKean

Sandman, Hellblazer, Arkham Asylum

12.  Frank Miller

The Dark Knight Returns, Ronin, 300

13.  Sergio Aragones

Groo the Wanderer, Spy vs Spy




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