No Use For a Name: Discography of the Moment


I haven’t done one of these discography of the moments things in quite a while. In fact, the last one I did was in January when I did one for the band Rise Against.

I figured since the blog has been so politics-heavy lately, now was a good time to lighten the moment a little bit. What better way to do that then with a good discography?

For today’s edition I have decided to one for the punk rock band No Use For a Name in memory of the recent passing of their front man, Tony Sly.

No Use For a Name (or NUFAN for short) was from San Jose, California and formed in 1987. Tony was not their original singer, not coming to the band until 2 years later.

Web Links:

NUFAN Official website
NUFAN Wiki article
NUFAN Facebook page



No Use For a Name
Released in 1988 by Woodpecker Records
Produced by NUFAN
Band lineup:
John Meyer – vocals; Doug Judd – guitar; Chris Dodge – guitar; Steve Papoutsis – bass; Rory Koff – drums
Tracks: 4
No It All. You Bug Me. Looking Through a Window.

letemoutLet Em Out
Released in 1990 by Slap-a-Ham Records.
Produced by NUFAN
Lineup changes:
John Meyer was replaced on vocals by Tony Sly and Doug Judd left the band.
Tracks: 4
It Won’t Happen Again. Born to Hate. Pacific Bell. Record Thieves.

Released in 1991 by New Red Archives
Produced by Brett Gurewitz
No lineup changes
Tracks: 12
DMV. Sign the Bill. It Won’t Happen Again. Hail to the King. Weirdo. Truth Hits Everybody. Felix. Noitall. I Detest. Puppet Show. Record Thieves. Power Bitch.

dontmissthetrainDon’t Miss the Train
Released in 1992 by New Red Archives
Produced by NUFAN and Pat Coughlin
No lineup changes
Tracks: 12
Born Addicted. Thorn In My Side. Looney Toon. Tollbridge. Hole. Another Step. Don’t Miss the Train. Watching. Punk Points. Tan in a Can. Death Doesn’t Care. Get Out of this Town.

deathdoesntcareDeath Doesn’t Care
Released in 1993 by New Red Archives
Produced by NUFAN
No lineup changes
Tracks: 4
Death Doesn’t Care. DMV (live). Born Addicted (live). Hail to the King (live).

dailygrindThe Daily Grind
Released in May 1993 by Fat Wreck Chords
Produced by Doug Cameron, Fat Mike, and Pat Coughlin
Lineup changes:
Chris Dodge was replaced on guitar by Robin Pfefer
Tracks: 8
Until It’s Gone. Old What’s His Name. Permanent Rust. Biomag. Countdown. Hazardous to Yourself. The Daily Grind. Feeding the Fire.

lecheconcarnerLeche con Carne
Released in February 1995 by Fat Wreck Chords
Produced by Fat Mike and Ryan Greene
Lineup changes:
Ed Gregor was added on guitar
Tracks: 12
Justified Black Eye. Couch Boy. Soulmate. 51 Days. Leave It Behind. Redemption Song. Straight from the Jacket. Fields of Agony. Fatal Flu. Wood. Alone. Exit. (hidden track is a medley of cover songs).

makingfriendsMaking Friends
Released in August 1997 by Fat Wreck Chords
Produced by Ryan Greene and NUFAN
Lineup changes:
Ed Gregor was replaced on guitar by Chris Shiflett and Steve Papoutsis was replaced on bass by Matt Riddle
Tracks: 12
The Answer is Still No. Invincible. Growing Down. On the Outside. A Postcard Would Be Nice. Secret. Best Regards. Revenge. Sidewalk. 3 Month Weekend. Sitting Duck. Fields of Athenry. Untitled.

morebetternessMore Betterness
Released in October 1999 by Fat Wreck Chords
Produced by Ryan Greene and NUFAN
No lineup changes
Tracks: 14
Not Your Savior. Life Size Mirror. Chasing Rainbows. Lies Cant Pretend. Why Doesn’t Anybody Like Me. Sleeping In. Fairytale of New York. Pride. Always Carrie. Let It Slide. Six Degrees From Misty. Coming Too Close. Saddest Song. Room 19.

nrayearsThe NRA Years
Compilation album released in 2000 by New Red Archive
Tracks: 15
This album chronicles the bands song while they were on, as the title suggests, the New Red Archives record label.

liveinadiveLive in a Dive
Live album released in September 2001 by Fat Wreck Chords
Produced by Ryan Greene and NUFAN
Tracks: 20
Intro. Invincible. Coming Too Close. Chasing Rainbows. On the Outside. Straight from the Jacket. Soulmate. Not Your Savior. Don’t Miss the Train. Justified Black Eye. Gene and Paul I Hate You most of All. Sara Fisher. Room 19. The Answer is Still No. Martian. Hail to the King. Feeding the Fire. Exit. 6 Degrees from Misty. Redemption Song.

hardrockbottomHard Rock Bottom
Released in July 2002 by Fat Wreck Chords
Produced by Ryan Green and NUFAN
Lineup changes:
Chris Shiflett was replaced on guitar by Dave Nassie
Tracks: 13
Feels Like Home. International You Day. Pre-Medicated Murder. Dumb Reminders. Any Number Can Play. Friends of the Enemy. Angela. Let Me Down. This is a Rebel Song. Solitaire. Undefeated. Insecurity Alert. Nailed Shut. NUFAN.

keepthemconfusedKeep Them Confused
Released in June 2005 by Fat Wreck Chords
Produced by Ryan Greene
No lineup changes
Tracks: 13
Part Two. There Will Be Revenge. For Fiona. Check for a Pulse. Divine Let Down. Black Box. Bullets. Failing is Easier. Apparition. It’s Tragic. Killing Time. Slowly Fading Fast. Overdue.

allthebestAll the Best Songs
Compilation album released in July 2007 by Fat Wreck Chords
Various producers.
Tracks: 26
feelgoodrecordThe Feel Good Record of the Year
Released in April 2008 by Fat Wreck Chords
Produced by Bill Stevenson
No lineup changes
Tracks: 14
Biggest Lie. I Want To Be Wrong. Yours to Destroy. Under the Garden. Sleeping Between Trucks. Domino. The Feel Good Song of the Year. The Trumpet Player. Night of the Living Living. Ontario. Pacific Standard Time. The Dregs of Sobriety. Kill the Rich. Take It Home.

Rest in peace Tony, this one was for you!By the way, the picture at the top of this post is the cover of 1995’s Leche con Carne, which was the first NUFAN album that I had heard.

4 thoughts on “No Use For a Name: Discography of the Moment

  1. I remember that! It includes songs by The Cars, Green Day, The Knack, Twisted Sister and Aerosmith, among others. That album also had a Bob Marley cover on it. “Redemption Song”. The album Making Friends also has a hidden track. The song “Beth” by KISS. It also included a cover of “Fields of Athenry.”

  2. And who can forget their cover of The Pogue's “Fairytale of New York” on the album More Betterness! I actually that their version better than the Pogues.

  3. That medley was probably my favorite song on the record. Well that and “Soulmate.” Sadly I remember not being all that impressed with the rest of the album though. Like a lot of other early Fat bands, they sounded a lot like NOFX and I never bothered to follow them after that. What I've heard of Tony Sly's solo stuff I like.

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