Smoking Popes: DoTM 2

I actually did do one of these back in February 2007 but I was looking at it tonight and saw how lame it was so I figured it could use an upgrade.

Released in April 1991 by Radius Records.
Band lineup:
Josh Caterer – guitar, vocals; Matt Caterer – bass; Dave Martens-drums
Tracks: 5
“Brand New Hairstyle” “Missing Out” “No Time For Your Lies” “Sandra” “Theme From Cheerleader”

Break Up
Released independently in 1992.
Produced by Phil Bonnet.
Lineup changes:
Dave Martens was replaced by Mike Felumlee.
Tracks: 4
“Waiting Around” “Down the Street” “Never Coming Back” “Breaking”

Released independently in 1994.
Produced by Phil Bonnet.
Lineup changes:
Eli Caterer joined as a 2nd guitarist.
Tracks: 4
“Writing a Letter” “Stars” Under the Blanket” “First Time”

Get Fired
Released in 1993 by Johann’s Face.
Produced by Mass Giorgini.
No lineup changes.
Tracks: 9
“Lets Hear It For Love” “That’s Where I Come In” “Let Them Die” “Double Fisted Love” “Don’t Be Afraid” “Can’t Find It” “Off My Mind” “Not That Kind of Girlfriend”
“Days Just Wave Goodbye”

Born to Quit
Released in 1994 by Johanna Face; re-released in July 1995 by Capitol Records.
Produced by Phil Bonnet.
No lineup changes.
Tracks: 10
“Midnight Moon” “Rubella” “Gotta Know Right Now” “Mrs You and Me” “Just Broke Up” “My Lucky Day” “Need You Around” “Can’t Help the Teardrops” “Adena” “On the Shoulder”
The song “Need You Around” also appears on the Clueless soundtrack.
The song “Lucky Day” also appears on the Tommy Boy soundtrack.

Destination Failure
Released in August 1997 by Capitol.
Produced by Jerry Finn.
No lineup changes.
Tracks: 16
“Star Struck One” “No More Smiles” “I Know You Love Me” “You Spoke To Me” “Paul” “Can’t Find It” “Capital Cristine” “Before I’m Gone” “Megan” “Let’s Hear It For Love” “Pure Imagination” “I Was Right” “They Lied” “End of Your Time” “Pretty Pathetic” “Follow the Sound”

Smoking Popes Live
Released in March 2000 by Double Zero Records.
No lineup changes.
Tracks: 22

The Party’s Over
Covers album released in September 2001 by Double Zero Records.
Produced by Phil Bonnet.
No lineup changes.
Tracks: 10
“Seven Lonely Days” “Valentine” “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered” “The Party’s Over” “Farther Along” “Zing When the Strings of My Heart” “Stormy Weather” “Wake Up Crying” “You’ll Never Walk Alone” “Why Me”

At Metro
Live album released in 2006 by Victory Records.
Line up changes:
Rob Kellenberger replaced Mike Felumlee on drums.
Tracks: 23

Stay Down
Released in August 2008 by Curb Appeals Records.
No lineup changes.

Tracks: 12
“Welcome to Janesville” “If You Dont Care” “Stefanie” “Sweet Pea” “Little Jane Marie” “The Corner” “Stay Down” “Grab Your Heart and Run” “Its Never Too Late for Love” “Maybe I’ll Stay” “Into the Summer Sky” “First Time”

It’s Been a Long Day
Compilation album released in February 2010 by Asian Man.
Tracks: 20
This Is Only a Test
Released in March 2011 by Asian Man.
Produced by Matt Allison and Smoking Popes
Lineup changes:
Rob Kellenberger was replaced on drums by Neil Hennessey.
Tracks: 10
“Wish We Were” “How Dangerous” “This is Only a Test” “College” “Punk Band” “ Freakin Out” “Diary of a Teen Tragedy” “Excuse Me Coach” “I’ve Got Mono” “Letter to Emily”

And here are some videos I wrangled up of them:

A video for the song “Need You Around” from the album Born to Quit

Live video for the song “Pretty Pathetic” originally from the album Destination Failure. It was recorded in Nashville in May 2008.

Live video for the song “Megan” from the same album.

This is another live video. It is for the song “First Time” which was originally released on 1993s 2. This song was performed in February 2009.

Here is a video for the song “Punk Band” which is a newer song that was released on their 2011 album This Is Only a Test.


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