Top 11 Pop Punk Albums

First of all, I want to make sure you understand this is MY favorite pop punk albums list. I’m not SPIN magazine or Rolling Stone trying to tell my readers that they have no musical intelligence and that they must agree that these are in fact the best pop punk albums of all time. My opinion. OK. Understood? Good.

So anyway, this is my list of my top 11 pop punk albums, listed in chronological order. That is, in order of their release date.

1. Rocket to Russia – Ramones
Released in November 1977 by Sire Records.
“Rockaway Beach” “Sheena is a Punk Rocker” and “Teenage Lobotomy”

2. My Brain Hurts – Screeching Weasel
Released in November 1991 by Lookout! Records.
“Making You Cry” “Veronica Hates Me” “Cindys on Methadone” “The Science of Myth” and “My Brain Hurts”

3. Stranger Than Fiction – Bad Religion
Released in September 1994 by Atlantic Records.
“Stranger Than Fiction” “The Handshake” “Infected” “Marked” “Inner Logic” and “What It Is”

4. Pummel – ALL
Released in April 1995 by Interscope Records.
“Self-Righteous” “Million Bucks” “Long Distance” and “Breakin Up”

5. Face to Face – Face to Face
Released in September 1996 by A&M Records.
“Resignation” “Walk the Walk” “Blind” “I Wont Lie Down” “Handout” and “Everythings Your Fault”

6. Everything Sucks – Descendents
Released in September 1996 by Epitaph Records.
“Everything Sux” “I’m the One” “Rotting Out” “Sick O Me” “When I Get Old” “She Loves Me” “We” and “Thank You”

7. Bark Like a Dog – Screeching Weasel
Released in November 1996 by Fat Wreck Chords.
“Cool Kids” “First Day of Summer” “You Name is Tattooed on My Heart” and “Phasers on Kill”

8. Destination Failure – Smoking Popes
Released in August 1997 by Capitol Records.
“No More Smiles” “Paul” “Lets Hear It For Love” “Pure Imagination” “Pretty Pathetic” and “Follow the Sound”

9. So Long and Thanks For All the Shoes – NOFX
Released in November 1997 by Epitaph Records.
“Its My Job to Keep Punk Rock Elite” “Murder the Government” “Monosyllabic Girl” “All Outta Angst” “Kill Rock Stars” and “Quart in Session”

10. American Idiot – Green Day
Released in September 2004 by Reprise Records.
“American Idiot” “Jesus of Suburbia” “Holiday” “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” “Wake Me Up When September Ends” and “Whatsername”

11. 21st Century Breakdown – Green Day
Released in May 2009 by Reprise Records.
“21st Century Breakdown” “Viva La Gloria” “Christians Inferno” “Last of the American Girls” “Murder City” “Viva La Gloria (Little Girl)” and “21 Guns”


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