Currently Reading: A New Kind of Christianity

>TITLE: A New Kind of Christianity: Ten Questions that are Transforming the Faith

AUTHOR: Brian D. McLaren
PUBLISHER: Harper-Collins Publishers
It’s back to non-fiction for a while. I’m actually reading several books right now but I figured I would focus on this one right now.
In this book, Brian asks the main question “What Would Christianity Look Like if We Weren’t Afraid of Questions?”
Personally, I think everyone, Christian and non-Christian alike should question their own faith. If you aren’t asking questions, I personally think that you are not learning. If you think you have it all down and there is no more room to learn anything else, you have it all wrong. Faith is not static, it is dynamic. Faith is a journey, not a stopping point. It is with this point of view in mind, I picked up this book to see what sort of questions Mr. McLaren is asking.
The 10 Questions, by the way, are:
What is the Overarching Story Line of the Bible?
How Should the Bible Be Understood?
Is God Violent?
Who is Jesus and Why is He Important?
What is the Gospel?
What Do We Do About Church?
Can We Find a Way to Address Human Sexuality Without Fighting About It?
Can We Find a Better Way of Viewing the Future?
How Should Followers of Jesus Relate to People of Other Religions?
How Can We Translate Our Quest into Action?

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