The Lemonheads: DoTM

The Lemonheads are a band that formed in 1986 in Boston, Massachusetts. These days, however, it seems that The Lemonheads are less a band then they are a backup band for singer/songwriter/guitarist Evan Dando.

Here are some websites where you can read about them:

Official Lemonheads site
The Lemonheads Wiki article


Hate Your Friends
Released in 1987 by Taang! Records.
Produced by Tom Hamilton.
Band lineup:
Evan Dando – guitar, vocals; Ben Deily – guitar, vocals; Jesse Peretz – bass; Doug Trachten – drums.
Tracks: 20

Released in 1988 by Taang!
Produced by Tom Hamilton.
Lineup changes:
Doug Trachten was replaced on drums by John Strohm.
Tracks: 16

Released in 1989 by Taang!
Produced by Tom Hamilton and Terry Katzman.
Lineup changes:
Corey Loog Brennan was added as a 2nd guitarist.
Tracks: 13

Released in 1990 by Atlantic Records.
Produced by Paul Q Kolderie
Lineup changes:
Guitarist Ben Deily left the band.
Tracks: 11

Favourite Spanish Dishes
Released in June 1990 by Atlantic.
Produced by Paul Q Kolderie
Lineup changes:
David Ryan played on drums on this album, not Doug Trachten.
Tracks: 3
“Different Drum”

It’s a Shame About Ray
Released in June 1992 by Atlantic.
Produced by The Robb Brothers.
Lineup changes:
Jesse Peretz left the band. Juliana Hatfield played the bass on this album.
Tracks: 13
“Its a Shame About Ray” “Confetti” and “Mrs Robinson”
#68 on the Billboard 200

Come on Feel the Lemonheads
Released in October 1993 by Atlantic.
Produced by The Robb Brothers.
Tracks: 15
“Into Your Arms” “Its About Time” “Big Gay Heart” and “The Great Big No”

Car Button Cloth
Released in October 1996 by Atlantic.
Produced by The Robb Brothers.
Band lineup:
Evan Dando – bass, guitar, piano, vocals; Patrick Murphy – drums.
Tracks: 13
“If I Could Talk To You” “It’s All True” and “The Outdoor Type”

The Best of the Lemonheads: The Atlantic Years
Compilation album released in 1998 by Atlantic.
Various producers.
Tracks: 12

The Lemonheads
Released in September 2006 by Vagrant/Polydor Records.
Produced by Bill Stevenson and Evan Dando.
Bill Stevenson played drums on this album and Karl Alvarez played bass.
Tracks: 11
“Become the Enemy”

Released in June 2009 by The End.
Produced by Gibby Haynes.
Tracks: 12
This album consists of all cover songs by artists ranging from Leonard Cohen to Christina Aguilera.


3 thoughts on “The Lemonheads: DoTM

  1. >Great band. There are songs on Lick that Ben Deily sang that are just freaking fantastic. One of these days I'm going to get all of their CDs.

  2. >Maybe I should check them out more. I have heard a couple Lemonheads or Evan Dando songs on the radio or soundtracks and always felt kind of so-so about them.

  3. >They really do have some great songs. I suggest checking out Lick, It’s a Shame About Ray, Come on Feel The Lemonheads, and the self-titled album.

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