Top 19 Comic Book Villains of All Time

This list was compiled by IGN (Imagine Games Network.

19. Juggernaut (Marvel – enemy of the X-Men)
18. Mystique (Marvel – enemy of the X-Men)
17. Brainiac (DC – enemy of Superman, among others)
16. Black Adam (DC – enemy of Captain Marvel)
15. Sinestro (DC – enemy of Green Lantern)
14. Red Skull (Marvel – enemy of Captain America)
13. Norman Osborn (Marvel – enemy of SpiderMan)
12. Two-Face (DC – enemy of Batman)
11. Catwoman (DC – enemy [sorta] of Batman)
10. Kingpin (Marvel – enemy of uhhh…lots of heroes, most notably Daredevil)
9. Dark Phoenix (Marvel – enemy of the X-Men)
8. Loki (Marvel – enemy of Thor)
7. Ra’s Al Ghul (DC – enemy of Batman)
6. Darkseid (DC – enemy of..well, pretty much everyone)
5. Galactus (Marvel – enemy of The Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer)
4. Lex Luthor (DC – enemy of Superman)
3. Doctor Doom (Marvel – enemy of The Fantastic Four, among others)
2. Joker (DC – enemy of Batman)
1. Magneto (Marvel – enemy of the X-Men)

I’m a little surprised that characters such as Mystique and Ra’s Al Ghul showed up this high on a list of 100. I am also surprised the Apocalypse was not in the top 20 (he was #24 by the way). In fact, I am really surprised that Apocalypse did not show up in the Top 10!

3 thoughts on “Top 19 Comic Book Villains of All Time

  1. I have no idea how Catwoman showed up higher than Sinestro. Perhaps because she had her own movie (sort of) and has appeared in a Batman movie? I dunno.

    I also can’t figure out how Juggernaut is lower on the list than Ra’s Al Ghul. I can’t believe Galactus is as high as he is either.

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