The Thermals: Discography of the Moment

The Thermals are an indie rock band that started in Portland, Oregon. They formed in 2002. They are similar, musically, to bands such as Built to Spill and The Hold Steady. Basically just good ole standard indie rock.

You can read read more about them at the following links:

The Official Website
The Thermals Wikipedia Site
Thermals MySpace site
The Thermals AllMusic site
The Thermals YouTube channel
The Thermals page
The Thermals Facebook page
The Thermals on Twitter


220px-More_Parts_per_MillionMore Parts per Million
Released in March 2003 on Sub Pop Records
Produced by Hutch Harris.
Band lineup:
Hutch Harris – vocals; Kathy Foster – bass; Jordan Hudson – drums; Ben Barnett – guitar.
Tracks: 13
It’s Trivia. Brace and Break. No Culture Icons. Goddamn the Light. Out of the Old and Thin. I Know the Pattern. Time to Lose. My Little Machines. Overgrown Overblown. A Passing Feeling. Back to Gray. Born Dead. An Endless Supply.


220px-The_Thermals_-_Fuckin_AFuckin A
Released in May 2004 by Sub Pop.
Produced by Chris Walla.
Lineup changes:
Ben Barnett left the band and Hutch Harris took over on guitar as well as vocals.
Tracks: 12
Our Trip. Every Stitch. How We Know. When You’re Thrown. Remember Today. A Stare Like Yours. Let Your Earth Quake Baby. God and Country. End to Begin. Forward. Keep Time. Top of the Earth.\


The_Body,_The_Blood,_The_MachineThe Body, The Blood, The Machine
Released in August 2006 by Sub Pop.
Produced by Brendan Canty.
No lineup changes.
Tracks: 10
Here’s Your Future. I Might Need You to Kill. An Ear for Baby. A Pillar of Salt. Returning to the Fold. Test Pattern. St Rosa and the Swallows. Back to the Sea. Power Doesn’t Run on Nothing. I Hold the Sound.
This was a concept album of sorts. It is about a futuristic world where the United States is a Christian theocracy and about its corrupt regime.


220px-NowwecanseeNow We Can See
Released in April 2009 by Kill Rock Stars
Produced by John Congleton.
Lineup changes:
Jordan Hudson left the band and Kathy Foster recorded all of the drums on this album, as well as playing bass and providing background vocals.
Tracks: 13
When I Died. We Were Sick. I Let It Go. Now We Can See. At the Bottom of the Sea. When We Were Alive. I Called Out Your Name. When I Was Afraid. Liquid In Liquid Out. How We Fade. You Dissolve.


220px-Personal_LifePersonal Life
Released in September 2010 by Kill Rock Stars.
Produced by Chris Walla.
Lineup changes:
Westin Glass was added on drums.
Tracks: 10
I’m Gonna Change Your Life. I Don’t Believe You. Never Listen to Me. Not Like Any Other Feeling. Power Lies. Only for You. Alone a Fool. Your Love is so Strong. A Reflection. You Changed My Life.


desperate-groundDesperate Ground
Released in April 2013 by Saddle Creek Records.
Produced by John Agnello.
No lineup changes.
Tracks: 10
Born to Kill. You Will Be Set Free. The Sunset. I Go Alone. The Sword by My Side. You Will Find Me. Faces Stay With Me. The Howl of the Winds. Where I Stand. Our Love Survives.


And here are a few videos of theirs I found on YouTube:


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