What the Heck is a Corporation Commissioner?

An Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner is one of 3 people that make up the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, which is the agency that regulates the utilities in our state.

It regulates the laws associated with the production of oil and gas and the rates of public utilities.

Currently, the 3-member commission is made up of:

Bob Anthony (R) – Chairman
Jeff Cloud (R)
Dana Murphy (R)

To run for Corporation Commissioner, a candidate must have been a citizen of Oklahoma for at least 2 years prior to the election, must be at least 30 years old, and must not have an interest in any entity that is regulated by the Commission.
In 2010, Dana Murphy is up for re-election. Dana has a bachelor’s degree in Geology from Oklahoma State University and has a law degree from Oklahoma City University. She has about 20 years experience in the petroleum industry.She is being challenged by Tod Yeager, another Republican.
I was unable to locate any information about Tod because his website has absolutely no information on it. Good luck with the election Tod! :0/


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