What the Heck is Tort Reform?

You might have heard this term a lot when reading about the health care debate but do you know what it really means?
According to a Wikipedia article on tort reform, it is referring to a system of changes in the civil justice that reduces tort litigation.
Basically, it reduces the amount of frivolous lawsuits.
What is a frivolous lawsuit?
In my opinion, a woman that sues McDonald’s (and wins) because she spills her hot coffee on herself, is a frivolous lawsuit.
A person that sues a gun manufacturer because their particular brand of gun was used in a crime or because they accidentally shot themselves, is a frivolous lawsuit.
I would even say that a lawsuit against the tobacco industry due to lung cancer deaths is a frivolous lawsuit. Anyone that smokes and by now does not know that smoking is bad for your health, I’m sorry, but they are idiots.
An example of tort reform is California’s Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act which capped the damages a person can receive from a medical malpractice suit to $250,000 and set a time limit on filing a medical malpractice suit.
From what I have observed, most “ambulance-chasing” lawyers are opposed to tort reform. Makes sense. Most of their money comes from filing frivolous lawsuits.
For what its worth, I support tort reform.

2 thoughts on “What the Heck is Tort Reform?

  1. I do not support tort reform because I believe Corporations are Psychotic and will kill you if they think there is a profit in it. After they take out a secret insurance policy on you. They will kill you, render your remains into soap and sell that and burn down your house. They will then collect on the insurance and use some of the profits to run ads attacking trial lawyers, big union bosses and Democratic regulations.Sounds crazy, huh. Google Bhopal and Triangle Shirtwaist Factory and read Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle" and look into Tom Delay's perfect free-range capitalism in the Marianna's Islands, not to mention the small leak in the Gulf that killed eleven people on the heels of Massey Energy's explosion in West Virginia that killed 29 people.Nope. If the regulators won't regulate and multinationals want to roll the dice, I want an unregulated pit bull lawyer on their ass.

  2. I favor tort reform because it would reduce the number of frivolous lawsuits.I disagree that ALL corporations are not trustworthy and out to get you. Sure there are some out there that I would sooner piss on then give my money and attention to but there are some that have actually done some good.Tort reform dos not mean that all corporate lawsuits would go away, it would just reduce them.

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