Sounding Off on Education Again

Recently, Dave posted an article on his blog titled In Support of Public Schools which appears to be a response to a post on another blog titled How To Tick Off the Whole Room.

Anyway, I felt that I need to step in and say something about it myself…again…
Anyone who reads this blog with any kind of regularity knows that I am no fan of the public school system nor am I a fan of government intervention in the education of our children.
As was mentioned by Elizabeth Scott in my previous post, How Can Congress Help Our Education Mess, the government has no right to be involved in education. It is not specified in the U.S. Constitution as one of their roles so they do not belong there.
As I mentioned in another previous post (the prequel to this one) Sounding Off on Education, I feel we should dismantle the federal Department of Education in its entirety and get the government and its bureaucrats out of the process on how to educate our children (much like we need to take the bureaucracy out of the process in our medical decisions but that is a topic for another blog).

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