Another Allular List

This post is an update of the post Ranking the Descendents/All that I posted back in March 2009.

On that post I listed my favorite albums from the Descendents and ALL, independently. On this list, I am ranking them in order of preference AND combining albums released under both the Descendents and ALL monikers.

I am not, however, including any live albums or compilation albums in this list.

  1. Everything Sucks – Descendents (1996)
  2. Pummel – All (1995)
  3. Mass Nerder – All (1998)
  4. Cool To Be You – Descendents (2004)
  5. Breaking Things – All (1993)
  6. Problematic – All (2000)
  7. Enjoy! – Descendents (1986)
  8. ‘Merican – Descendents (2004)
  9. Milo Goes To College – Descendents (1982)
  10. I Don’t Want to Grow Up – Descendents (1985)
  11. Allroy for Prez – All (1988)
  12. All – Descendents (1987)
  13. Percolater – All (1992)
  14. Allroy’s Revenge – All (1989)
  15. Allroy Sez – All (1988)
  16. Allroy Saves – All (1990)
  17. Bonus Fat – Descendents (1985)
Hey Dave! Am I missing anything on this list?

One thought on “Another Allular List

  1. Sadly I think Allroy Saves is probably this band's worst album. It has some great songs on it but the production is kind of funky and there is a lot of stuff that it just really off kilter (and not in a good way).

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