Wayne Glover and Term Limits

Here is what Mr. Wayne Glover (Republican candidate for U.S. Senator from Washington State in 2010) proposes in regards to term limits for our Senators and U.S. Representatives.

This information can be found at his campaign website, Real Change 2010.

U.S. Representatives

Change the 2 year terms to 4 year terms and limit them to 3 terms (12 years).

U.S. Senate

Limit them to 2 – 6 year terms (12 years).

In each case, is a person is appointed to finish another’s term, that remaining time will be counted as one term.
Also, if a politician has served at least one term in either the House or the Senate, then that person can only serve one term in the other.

According to Wayne,

“This would eliminate professional politicians and would return the government back to the people.”


Visit the U.S. Term Limits website and sign the Term Limits Petition.


One thought on “Wayne Glover and Term Limits

  1. Before we throw all the bums out… people might wanna also consider what bums they would be letting (or keeping) in power.Just a thought, not all the bums are up for re-election and right now we are a one-bum-party system.

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