Favorite Songs on each Weezer album.

Here is a continuation of a new column that Dave and I will be doing for a while.

Weezer (1994)
“Only In Dreams”
Really hard album to pick ONE favorite from.

“The Good Life”
Really easy to pick from. I was not all that impressed with this album.

Weezer (2001)
“Simple Pages”
Another hard one to pick ONE favorite from.

“Keep Fishin”
Not a real big fan of this album either.

Make Believe
“Perfect Situation”
Followed very closely by the song “This Is Such a Pity.” It was really hard to choose between these two.

Weezer (2008)
“Pork and Beans”

One thought on “Favorite Songs on each Weezer album.

  1. I’ve gotten all of Weezer’s CDs burned to my computer but really haven’t listened to them that much. I love the Blue Album and have since it came out. My wife swears by Pinkerton and so far what I’ve heard of it I really like (especially “El Scorcho”) but I really haven’t been able to bring myself to listen to the others that much. What am I missing?

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