We Interrupt This Broadcast……

…to tell you that while I was reading some other blog posts on health care reform I found one written by Doc Hoc entitled Oklahoma Needs Health care Reform Options.

The first thing I notice on the page is a poll. The question is are you in favor of a government-run health care insurance program that would be available to everyone? So I went ahead and cast my vote and got the results.

Not surprisingly, the results came up 88% in favor of a government run program. Not surprising because I am considering the source it came from. It is a liberal blog, authored by a liberal college professor. I would imagine that most of his readers come from the side of the fence that favors government intervention in all facets of our daily lives.

So moving onto the post itself, I came across a quote that I want to comment on a bit. The quote is:

“…[Oklahoma needs] a health care reform bill passed that includes a public government insurance option that would compete against the private insurance companies to, as Obama has put it, keep them ‘honest.’

So what I want to know, and excuse me for being completely ignorant here, is there a rash of dishonest health insurance companies? I only ask this because the ones that I have dealt with in my experience have all been honest.

In fact, in the past year, I have dealt with several health insurance companies on a daily basis and I have yet to run into one that I would consider dishonest.

Doc Hoc (and I won’t single him out, a lot of people think this way) seems to think that a government run health insurance plan could do a “better, less costly job offering and maintaining a health insurance plan?”

Excuse me?!? Less costly? Do these people actually know anything about our government’s institutions? Do they not realize that there is a deficit because of those institutions? Do you think we are in the red just because? It just happened? Abra-cadabra, Poof! There’s a deficit. Of course not, it is because nobody in the upper echelons of our federal government knows diddly shit about how to keep us from spending less than we take in. Perhaps our elected officials need to go back to high school for a few months and take a introductory course in accounting.

Rabbit trail there. Seriously, the government can do a less costly job? That is the dumbest damn thing I have ever heard in regards to this current health care debate. Apparently these people have a huge amount of faith in their government. More power to ’em I guess. Personally, I think they are all very very naive and obviously do not read their history much.

In any case, the government could NEVER do a less costly job doing anything that the private sector can do, and better.

The author of the post and his associates (like-minded folks) obviously have no faith in the free market system. In which case, if you don’t, why are you living in a country that emphasizes the free market system.

That being said, keep in mind that I am not a 100% proponent of capitalism. It has its flaws. But at present time, it is the best thing that we have.

This public plan option will turn into a single payer system. Mark my words. Write it down. Sunday, June 28, 2009, Otter warned you that this public plan would become single payer. And for those of you that are too naive to admit it, single payer is the first step toward socialized medicine which of course is yet another step toward turning the government into big brother.

And let me go back to the original quote. Keeping them honest. I can not believe that these words came out of a politicians mouth, especially not the one who uttered the words.

I must say to our President: The private sector, dear sir, will keep itself honest.

Who will keep YOU honest?

That is all I have for now. Return to your regularly scheduled reading.


10 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Broadcast……

  1. On a related post by NW Republican titled Obama and the Americans I read in the comments that there was a poll conducted stating that 83% of the American people support a public health plan.I just had to comment on the post here and I will state it here as well.Apparently 83% of the American people are morons. But if you have been to a Wal-Mart lately you will find that 83% is a very conservative estimate.

  2. Outstanding post man… bravo, bravo, …encore, encore. The really funny (not ha-ha funny, the other kind) thing about Dr Kurt Hochenauer is that not only is he a college professor…. he teaches "blogging" of all things.But when he uses Okie Funk blog as an example of proper and well documented blogging… (which he does) while totally discrediting anything and everything an actual newspaper like the Daily Oklahoman writes (in his college courses) then that is a big problem to me… but apparently not to UCO.You don't even have to go to wal-mart to see that 83% moron number is pretty low.Let's do the math… add the percentage that voted for Obama to the percentage that wasn't bright enough to figure out how to vote at all.So like 52% of the 35% or so that turned out to vote, voted for Obama which in turn is about 18% of the total eligible voter age citizens plus the 65% of the country who was too stupid to even locate the voting booth at all, equals 83% morons.

  3. darned… and just when I thought you were doing such a good job dave.Now your gonna turn into a dailykosclone too?I spent quite a bit of time looking at his online coursework and several of this various blogs associated with his classes etc and there is no doubt of his extreme bias… I'm just amazed he can be so flagrant with it.BTW- Hey Otter, I wrote about his piece and linked to your post also. Thanks for the headsup man.-red

  4. The mind of the typical American person is only capable enough to think as far as the thought that they want health care provided for them for the cheapest amount possible or for free if they can get it, so I'm not surprised that most people want government health care. In their mind, government health care = free health care!

  5. yeah and they obviously don't realize that government health care is the furthest thing from free health care they will ever get. they'd be better off driving down to mexico to get their treatment from a chock shop doctor.well…okay..maybe it's not THAT bad…

  6. what's a chock shop? Is that Dr. Hackinabush?(Groucho Marx)Anyone wanting a dose of US government run healthcare can just run down to the local VA hospital and take a peek… it's not pretty.

  7. Red said: "darned… and just when I thought you were doing such a good job dave. Now your gonna turn into a dailykosclone too?"LOL! No, don't you worry about that. I just thought the class might be interesting. No matter what you may think of his politics, he has run a pretty successful blog for quite a while, so his ideas on blogging would be interesting to hear.

  8. When you say "successful blog" what does that mean… He didn't get kicked off the internet?I don't see any sponsors throwing money at him or his blog linked to by any bigtime national sites, it isn't ranked in the top 20 on BNN very often and as far as credibility goes… he has zero. Even you have said on a number of occasions that you consider him to be not a credible source for stories or opinion… However… having said that, I would be willing to perhaps raise some of the funding to help you enroll and go in there as a spy to see just how much in-doc-trination goes on by the doc-hoc-ster if you would report on it honestly.

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