Just in case there is any doubt, I am not one.

I do not support the use of military action against another country.

I do not think that war is compatible with Christianity. Let me rephrase, I do not think war is compatible with the teachings of Jesus.

I don’t think Jesus would condone the idea of war.

There are many out there that are “war mongers” and can somehow rationalize it. I say good for you. But leave me out of it. I can’t rationalize it.

On second thought, don’t leave me out of it. I would actually like to know how it can be rationalized.

But please don’t use the Crusades as an example. I don’t think Jesus approves of that one either. That was no “religious” war. That was a war for power and property and nothing more.

As most wars have been in the past few hundred years. They are either fought over power (so that one group of people can gain power over another group of people) or property (someone wants a piece of land to add to their piece of land so they fight over it) or money.

War is a business.

There are those in society that seem to think the current war that American is engaged in is being fought for something as noble as the liberation of a people. I disagree. Some say it is a war to protect democracy. I disagree. Some say it is a war to defend our country. I really disagree. It is a war for both power and money.

Sure, the power that was taken away was taken away from a dictator and that country is probably better off without him but it was fought for power nonetheless. Personally though, I think that the war for power in this case was but a means to an end to the real war. The war for money.

It is being fought over money. Or more specifically, a war over oil, which equals money. That part of the world controls quite a bit of oil and this war is being fought to protect our country’s oil investments. Money.

But I am getting off track here. The point I am trying to make is that I don’t think Jesus condones war of any kind. If you think differently, please respond to this post with your rationalizations.


20 thoughts on “Warmongers!!

  1. Hi Otter…. found you through our friend KG… see that you're in Seattle, just wanted to say "hi"…

    peace to ya, Daniel

  2. ohh boy let's sit around the campfire and sing songs about peace, love and understanding nothing.

    Otter… now think for just a second about what you are suggesting.

    Yes, war is a bad thing… but many good things have come as a result of war.

    War never solved anything except genocide, Nazism, slavery, Communism (twice)… America itself would not exist.. your home, your family would not be here… at least not in a place called Seattle.

    War is bad, nobody likes war… but some of us are intellectually honest enough to know that without the ability to fight for what is right and what you believe and for freedom… without that, life is not worth living.

    So while men and women are dying on our behalf so we can live in freedom… while thousands lay in graves who went there so the rest of us can sit in our basements and call them murderers and say they are wrong and claim they are killing innocent people… and they take it and keep doing their jobs keeping you safe.
    Sleep well and don't bother thanking a veteran or soldier… they don't do it for the thanks or glory.

  3. Good things have come as a result of war!!! Are you serious?!?!? No, you can't be!

    You may think that war stopped genocide, the Nazis, slavery…..but did you ever stop to think that it was war that caused these problems in the first place?

    I know soldiers/veterans don't/didn't go it for the thanks and glory. I am a veteran myself.

  4. Explain to me how war caused slavery… I can explain how it ended it.

    Explain to me how war started communism or nazism… I can explain how war ended it… at least temporarily.

  5. All animals fight… humans are animals, God made us this way.

    Every single animal on this planet will instinctively fight back when attacked.

    Now… Humans encounter evil… IF.. (big if) EVIL didn't exist, fighting back would not be necessary.

    But it does exist and it is necessary… sometimes.

  6. ok Red. i will concede your point but only up to the point that it is a necessary "evil." maybe. sometimes.

    even so. that does not mean i have to condone it or support it.

    fair enough?

  7. Pop Quiz-
    Let's say N Korea nukes one of our ships following our stopping one of their ships and finding illegal weapons material and also invades S Korea at the same time, would you…

    support helping S Korea and attacking N Korea?
    support a finger wag at N Korea?
    support a stern letter to N Korea?
    support assassination of Kim Jong Il?
    support begging China to please handle N Korea?
    support the UN sending flowers and candy to N Korea with a "please stop" letter?
    support doing nothing if a US ship is attacked and S Korea attacked by N Korea?

  8. "I" would "support" none of these.

    "I" would leave it up to my government to do what "they" thought was necessary.

  9. No Red. I'm not the President. I don't have to make that choice.

    In fact, I would never put myself in a position where I would have that decision.

  10. Then in my opinion you have no right to call anyone a warmonger… especially those who ARE willing to fight and die on your behalf.

  11. Actually I do have the right to call someone a warmonger.

    I have the right to say that I do not support any sort of military action just like you have the right to your opinion.

    Says so in the Bill of Rights.

    For you to tell me that I don't have the right to say something sounds pretty leftist to me. LOL!

  12. lol… okay word-play boy, then you don't have any basis from which to lodge your attack.

    You're doing the old stick your fingers in your ears and say la-la-la by posting this and then running when the questions get tough.

    Sure otter it's easy to say… I'm against war without ever taking the time to think about what YOU would really do in the same situation. It's actually pretty lame man.

  13. You know what? Something just dawned on me.

    In all of the discussion on this post, not once has someone attempted to rationalize how Jesus would approve of war.

    Here is my stance on, well, just about anything, and that includes war.

    If Jesus would not approve of it. It is a pretty fair chance that I should not approve of it either.

    So while you talk about how I am taking the easy road out of this discussion, I believe that I have taken the high road and you have taken the easy road in not demonstrating how you can condone war in one sentence and claim to be a follower of the teachings of Christ in another sentence.

    The fact is that I should not have to take the time out to decide what I would in the case of a nuclear attack. It is not my decision to make in the first place, nor will it ever be my decision, but I would rather think of what would Jesus do in that situation.

  14. Jesus would perform a miracle but he ain't here right now in the flesh at least… it's up to us to either defend ourselves or be slaughtered like so many sheep. It's not a nice world out there otter.

    We all agree that going around and making war for the sake of boredom or profit is wrong… that is NOT what America does in spite of what the anti-American leftist media tries to constantly claim.

    If God (or the Son of) has a problem with Americans who liberated Europe from Nazi obliteration or for stopping Japan's hellbent mission to rule the planet or for fighting a civil war to end slavery or for fighting for freedom of other people as Americans have done over and over again… if God condemns those brave good souls to Hell for that… then he better send me too 'cause I don't want to go to the place where those they defeated have gone.

    I'm just sayin'

  15. I understand what you are saying Red. And really I do respect your opinion.

    I am just saying that I, personally, can't condone war and still have a clear conscience. Call it an issue that I am convicted about, I dunno. It is just honestly a sore spot for me in my spiritual life.

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