The Essential Descendents/All

Here is the next installment of Essential Albums as promised. Enjoy!

  1. Better Than That (from Problematic)
  2. Breakin Up (Pummel)
  3. Broken (Pummel)
  4. Cheer (Enjoy!)
  5. Clean Sheets (All)
  6. Cool to be You (Cool To Be You)
  7. Coolidge (All)
  8. Everything Sucks (Everything Sucks)
  9. Get the Time (Enjoy!)
  10. Good Good Things (I Don’t Want to Grow Up)
  11. Here With Me (Merican)
  12. Hope (Milo Goes to College)
  13. I’m the One (Everything Sucks)
  14. Just Perfect (Allroy for Prez)
  15. Long Distance (Pummel)
  16. Merican (Cool To Be You)
  17. Minute (Percolator)
  18. Nothing With You (Cool To Be You)
  19. Original Me (Breaking Things)
  20. Rotting Out (Everything Sucks)
  21. Self-Righteous (Pummel)
  22. She Loves Me (Everything Sucks)
  23. She’s My Ex (Allroy’s Revenge)
  24. Silly Girl (I Don’t Want to Grow Up)
  25. Skin Deep (Allroy for Prez)
  26. Sour Grapes (Enjoy!)
  27. Suburban Home (Milo Goes to College)
  28. Teresa (Problematic)
  29. Thank You (Everything Sucks)
  30. Think the World (Mass Nerder)
  31. We (Everything Sucks)
  32. Wendy (Liveage)
  33. When I Get Old (Everything Sucks)
  34. http://www.sara (Problematic)
  35. Fairweather Friend (Mass Nerder)
  36. Refrain (Mass Nerder)

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