Nader On The Issues

Since my post back in August, which was titled Need More Choices, I have talked to even more people lately are still terribly undecided. A lot of it due to feeling like they really really don’t want to vote for either Obama or McCain. They either just flat out don’t like either of them or they don’t think he (the country that is) would be better off with either one of them in office.

Furthermore, there are more and more people that have discussed not even bothering to vote because they don’t want to have to make that decision.

The fact is, as I have pointed out, there are other options. I have included on this blog a few of the positions of Brian Moore (the candidate for the Socialist Party USA party), Chuck Baldwin (candidate for the Constitution party), Gloria La Riva (candidate for the Party for Socialism and Liberation), Charles Jay (candidate for the Boston Tea Party), and last but not least Ralph Nader (running as an independent). Some may remember and might even think of him as the man that “stole” the election away from Al Gore in 2000.

In any case, I wanted to post a general overview of some of the ideas he has for change in this country (the reason I am posting his ideas and not some of the other parties candidates is pretty simple: he is probably the only one of the independents that anyone has ever heard of and has a better chance of getting any meaningful votes).

He SUPPORTS a single payer national health insurance.
He OPPOSES the bloated, wasteful military budget.
He SUPPORTS investing in solar energy.
He SUPPORTS cracking down on corporate welfare and corporate crime.
He SUPPORTS a carbon pollution tax.*
He OPPOSES the Taft-Harley anti-union law.
He SUPPORTS the National Initiative.**
He SUPPORTS opening up Presidential debates to candidates outside the Republican or Democratic Party.

* The idea behind the carbon pollution tax is that we can’t just propose legislation “promising” to reduce carbon emissions. One way to really see lasting change is this area is to make the emission of greenhouse gases more expensive. The more we have to pay to pollute the atmosphere, the less likely we are to do so.

** The National Initiative is an idea that gives American citizens more choice and participation in decision-making in our political system. In essence, it gives us the right to the People to make or change laws by an initiative. It is a proposed amendment to the constitution that will recognize the legislative power of the people to make laws and permit the people to amend the constitution by holding elections.

So anyway, you don’t like McCain and don’t want to vote for him but you can’t stomach the idea of voting for Obama either? Well here is another one of your choices.

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