Thoughts on Cutting the Military Budget

Some drastic cuts CAN and SHOULD be made in our military budget.

The best ways I can think of to reduce the enormous military budget are two ways:

First, quit invading people!! Very simple. Quit invading every country that breathes at us the wrong way! We have foreign diplomats. Why can’t we use them instead of using our young men as cannon fodder, in addition to ballooning the military budget with war after war? Can’t we all just get along?

Also, big cuts could be made by reducing the redundancy in technology and weaponry in the armed forces. For instance, each service has its own fighter jets, most of which do the same job. We could really cut the spending on things like fighter jets if we decided to go with one type of jet that would work for all services. I know this has been tried in the past but apparently it hasn’t worked yet.

But fighter jets aren’t the only thing redundant in the system. There is plenty of technology that is set aside for one specific service that another service could use just as easily but doesn’t because they use something else that does exactly the same thing.

And I could go further with this. Why not cut the different services? Why can’t we just have one? I can understand there being a difference between the Navy and the Army. No problem with that. But why not incorporate the Air Force into the Navy (they have planes too, why?) and incorporate the Marine Corps into the Army (both are ground troops, aren’t they?). That could save a lot of money in the various advertising campaigns run by these services alone, not to mention a lot of others ways we can save money in our defense budget by doing this.


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