McSame on Environmental/Energy Issues

Here is his voting records for the past few years in regards to environmental and energy issues:

6/17/08 – Alternative Energy Tax Incentives – Didn’t vote.
6/06/08 – Carbon Emissions Cap – Didn’t vote.
4/10/08 – Tax Credits for Renewable Energy – Didn’t vote.
12/13/2007 – Energy Act of 2007 (increased fuel economy of motor vehicles/increase in production of renewable fuels) – Didn’t vote.
6/21/2007 – Alternative Energy Subsidies – Didn’t vote.

You noticing a pattern here?

However, going further back…

7/29/2005 – Energy Policy Act of 2005 (Funding for alternative sources of energy) – He DID vote on this one. He voted NO.
6/16/2005 – Reduction in Dependence on Foreign Oil – Again, voted NO.



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