Jay Inslee on the Issues

Here are the political positions of Jay Inslee, running for re-election this year for the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington State:

Supports expansion of embryonic stem cell research.
Abortion is a woman’s right.

Civil Rights
Opposes Constitutional banning same-sex marriage.
Opposes Constitutional amendment on flag desecration.
Opposes teacher-led prayer in school.

Supports stockholder voting on executive compensation.

Supports funding for alternative sentencing instead of building more prisons.
Supports requiring DNA testing for all federal executions.

Drug Control
Opposes military border patrols for battling drugs.
Opposes prohibition of medical marijuana.

Energy & Oil
Supports tax incentives for renewable energy.
Supports investments in biofuel.
Supports ending oil & gas subsidies.
Opposes drilling in ANWR.
Supports the Kyoto Protocol.

Foreign Policy
Opposes restricting US funding to the United Nations.
Supports Cuban travel ban.
Supports normal trade relations with China.

Government Reform
Supports requiring lobbyist disclosure of donations.
Opposes restrictions on grassroots political committees.
Supports ban on soft-money contributions.
Supports public financing of general elections.

Gun Control
Opposes prohibition of lawsuits on gun manufacturers.
Opposes decreasing waiting period from 3 days to 1.

Health Care
Supports more federal funding of health coverage.
Opposes Medical Savings Accounts.

Homeland Security
Supports restrictions on no-bid defense contracts.
Opposes electronic surveillance without a warrant.
Supports requirements for warrants for wiretaps.
Opposes making the Patriot Act permanent.

Supports increasing the minimum wage.

Supports redeployment of troops out of Iraq.
Opposed use of military force in Iraq.
Supported Buch impeachment for lying about Iraq.


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