Independent Candidate for Prez of the Moment: Mr. Nader

Currently running as an independent candidate is the 2000 Green Party Candidate and 2004 Reform Party candidate for President. Here are some of his positions:

Supports the right of women to decide privately.
Does not think that this is an issue that should be left up to the government.

Civil Rights
Opposes the Patriot Act.
Opposes Constitutional Amendment banning flag desecration.

Opposes corporate welfare.
Believes that corporations control government and have too much control over people’s lives.
In June 2004 stated that Capitalism leads to Fascism.

Opposes expansion of the federal death penalty.

Opposes the drug war. It has failed and cost us $50 billion annnually.
Supports legalizing marijuana and industrial hemp.

Opposes standarized testing.

Foreign Policy
Supports social and economic justice across the globe.
Opposes sellings arms as a way to conduct foreign affairs.

Free Trade
Opposes NAFTA and GATT.
Supports restrictions on IMF’s power.

Campaign Finance Reform
Opposes PAC money and commercial donations. Should only be individuals.
Supports public funding of campaigns.

Gun Control
Supports Brady Bill and thoughtful gun control.

Health Care
Supports single-payer system.

Homeland Security
Supports cutting the defense budget by eliminating waste & fraud.

War & Peace
Supports withdrawal of US military from Iraq.
Supports negotiations with Iran.


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