Joe on the Issues

I thought I would take some time to go over the positions of the two major party candidates for the office of Vice President. For this post, I will focus on Senator Joe Biden.


Supports women’s right to choose but opposes federal funding.
Supports expansion of embryonic stem cell research.
Opposes partial birth abortions.

Civil Rights:

Opposes Constitutional ban on flag desecration.
Supports adding sexual orientation to hate crimes.
Opposes Constitutional ban of same-sex marriage.


Opposes limiting death penalty appeals.
Opposes repealing federal speed limits.


Opposes the No Child Left Behind Act.

Foreign Policy:

Support expanding NATO.
Supports trade embargo of Cuba.
Opposes trade embargo of Vietnam.

Government Reform:

Supports banning “soft” money contributions to campaigns.
Supports banning campaign donations from unions and corporations.
Supported presidential line-item veto.Opposes lobbyist gifts to Congress.

Gun Control:

Supports lawsuits against gun manufacturers.
Supports background checks at gun shows.

Health Care:

Supports increased federal funding for health coverage.

Homeland Security:

Supports limits on military deployments.
Supports preservation of habeas corpus for Guantanamo detainees.
Supports re authorization of the Patriot Act.


Supports restrictions of employer interference in union organizing.
Supports increasing the minimum wage.

War in Iraq/Military:

Supports getting troops out of Iraq.
Supports more military base closures.
Supports limiting soldiers’ deployment to 12 months.


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