Superhero of the Moment

Just a weird little random thing I decided to start doing. Sort of like the discography of the moment or the biblography of the moment but for some of my favorite super-heroes. I will just list some random tidbits about the character.So I thought I’d premiere it with…………..Captain Marvel (DC Universe)

Created in 1939 by CC Beck (artist) and Bill Parker (writer).First appeared in Whiz Comics #2 in February 1940.Alter Ego: Billy BatsonPowers:He has multiple powers all based on historical and mythological figures. When he (Billy Batson) says the name of the wizard that granted him his powers (Shazam) he has the following powers:

  • The wisdom of Solomon – gives him clarivoyance and instant access to a vast amount of knowledge.
  • The strength of Hercules – incredible superstrength comparable to Superman.
  • The stamina of Atlas – incredible endurance, he can withstand most types of physical assaults.
  • The power of Zeus – grants him resistence to magic and allows for interdimensional travel. This power also gives him the power to use magical lightning for defensive as well as offensive purposes.
  • The courage of Achilles – gives him vast amounts of inner strength to draw on and also gives him the invulnerability of Achilles.
  • The speed of Mercury – gives him the ability to move at superhuman speeds.

There is apparently a movie scheduled for release in 2009 based on Captain Marvel. There isn’t anybody cast in the main role yet but from what I have read, Peter Segal (The Longest Yard, My Fellow Americans, Tommy Boy) is going to direct it. I like most of the movies he has directed but I’m not sure if he is the right choice to direct a super-hero movie.


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