Comics And A Small Review

So I finished reading Kingdom Come by Mark Waid and thought I’d write my thoughts about it.

Being a former (and quickly becoming one again) comic book geek, I have to admit that I have not always been a big fan of DC, sticking almost exclusively to Marvel Comics. With the exception of Batman and Nightwing Comics, I kept away from DC for the most part.

However, more recently the tide has turned the other way. At first, I could not really understand why I preferred one over the other but I think I have gotten it figured out.

In my opinion, Marvel has (for the most part) had the better artwork in it and the artwork for DC never was the greatest. Due to lack of visual stimulation, for lack of a better term, I stuck to Marvel. However, it has always been my contention that the writing was always better in DC. It seems these days that I do not find myself so bothered by the artwork in DC, having gotten more into the writing. Not only that but it actually seems like the artwork in DC has gotten much better (and it doesn’t hurt that the writing in Marvel has turned to crap).

In any case, I just finished reading Kingdom Come, which is set in a future timeline of the DC universe. Mark Waid is a great writer and tells a really cool story. And the artwork, which was done by Alex Ross, is pretty amazing too. Ross makes the story look like it is being told by paintings.


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