Greetings all.

I just thought I’d start off by giving a short little introduction and give you some basics about where I came from. Sort of a short autobiography if you will. Keep in mind I will be leaving out a lot of details.

So, it all started in Aurora Colorado (a suburb of Denver) where my dad my stationed at the time (he was in the air force). After I was born, we didn’t stay there long because my dad was transferred to Rammstein Germany. After about 4 years there, we were moved to Imperial, Pennsylvania, which is a suburb of Pittsburgh. After a few years there, my dad retired from the military. At which point, he decided to move the family to Oklahoma, which is where his dad was living at the time. He and his wife had moved there due to health problems. Why they picked Oklahoma I have no idea.

Anyway, we spent a good many years there in Oklahoma and after a few years I ended up joining the Army Reserve (while still in high school I might add) and did my basic training at Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas. After that, I was training to be an Army scout. I only ended up spending just under a year in the Army Reserve for reasons I’d rather not get into here. So anyway, I finished high school and then went on to college, where I spent the next 3 years. After those 3 years, I dropped out of college and decided to return to the military, this time joining the Air Force.

I originally joined the Air Force as an airborne Surveillance Technician. During flight training, I lost my flying clearance due to medical reasons. From there, I spent a few months trying to find a new job in the Air Force. I finally ended up working in Aircraft Maintenance. After finishing school for my new job, I was assigned to Tinker Air Force Base (Oklahoma of all places) as an AGE (Aerospace Ground Equipment) Maintenance Scheduler. I only spent a few months here as I was re-assigned to an air force base in northern Alaska. I started out there working in a scheduling office in Engine Maintenance. I did maintenance scheduling for the engines that went on the F-16s and the A-10s.

Now, before I totally confuse anyone here, maintenance scheduling basically consists of making sure that scheduled maintenance is performed on time and correctly by the mechanics, as well as make sure that certain replacement parts are ordered and changed out on time.

After a few months in engine management office (as the scheduling office was called), I was transferred into the scheduling office at the fighter squadron, where I did maintenance scheduling on F-16 aircraft. It was in this office that I spent the next 3 years visiting some very interesting places. Some of the exact places that I went to are actually still classified so to keep myself out of trouble I can say that I spent a good half a year in Southeast Asia.

Anyway, when my tour in Alaska ended I was actually considering staying in the military until I was informed that I would spend another 3 year tour in Alaska, which promoted me to leave the air force. In actuality, I didn’t leave the air force completely, I ended up joining the Oklahoma Air National Guard. Oddly enough, I ended up changing jobs when I did that too. I went to school to learn aircraft avionics (electronics inside the planes). While in the air national guard, I moved to Florida and lived there for about 8 months, after which I moved back to Oklahoma. While not playing around with the guard, I got a job in customer service for America Online.
About a year later, I resigned from the air national guard. I worked at AOL for about a year. During that time, I met (online oddly enough) a girl named Jesica, who lived in Seattle. In December of 2000, I flew up to Seattle to meet her. After meeting her, I had decided I had enough Oklahoma and decide to move to Seattle. I might also like to point out that around this time another important event (other than meeting Jesica) happened to me. I gave my life to Christ!

So, I moved to Seattle in February 2001 and ended up living with Jesica and her daughter Jenai.
Sometime after summer, we decided for some reason to leave Seattle because we felt it was too expensive to live there. So, for some reason we ended up moving to Oklahoma, where we spent the next 2-3 years. During that time, Jesica and I made it legal and got married in August 2003. In September of that year, we found out that Jesica was pregnant with our son, Joseph.
In February 2004, we decided that because we spent the entire time in Oklahoma searching for a church home and never really finding one we like, we would move back to Seattle, which we did at the end of February.

So, we moved back to Seattle, got back into our church home at the Mountlake Terrace Church of Christ. Our son was born on June 24.

In March of 2005, we learned that Jesica once again was pregnant so we are expecting another little one in November.

That about brings us up to date on some real basics about me.

See you again on Otter Limits!


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